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Genealogy is a Life-Saver. Literally.

Here's a daily dose of inspiration for you - the true story of how family history saved the lives of two twin boys suffering from a rare genetic disorder. If this doesn't inspire you to keep doing your genealogy, I don't know what will.

In what ways have you seen genealogy save lives - metaphorically, spiritually, or literally?

Be sure to catch new episodes of The Generations Project Season 2, Mondays at 7 and 10pm on BYUtv.org.
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Genealogy: The "Hip" Factor

Has anyone else noticed how "hip" genealogy is lately? The celebs are all over it, the new FamilySearch.org site got a sleek makeover, and Season 2 of The Generations Project features some really interesting stories. What's going to be cool next, canning?

(Oh, wait. It is.)

No doubt about it, genealogy is going artsy.

For instance, a quick look on etsy.com (an online flea market/craft bazaar) shows you just how cool family history has become, especially in the gift/design/home decor world.

Like this interesting typographical take on a family tree (customized version available here):


                       Is your family more of the whimsical type? You can get a family portrait in Russian Doll format:

Silhouetting is big lately, and now you can get custom silhouettes made of your family members for about $15 bucks each. Might make a great Mother's day gift?

This 3-D family portrait takes the cake for originality. And tangibility. Plus little kids will love these. Love to chew on them, that is. And probably throw them when they're mad at you. Ah, families.

And best of all, here's a cute customizable family tree that's free! There are a few cool designs to pick from and you can share it on your blog or Facebook page, or print it off and frame it.

Which of these would you love to put in your house or on your wall?

Also, what other "old-fashioned" pastimes do you predict will come into vogue again?